Why Is It Important To Use The MLM Companies Website? 4 Reasons

MLM companies offer their company website to their distributors for uniformity.

The Web also makes it easier to follow up with prospects and to give them immediate access to information. Many network marketing companies offer self-replicating Web sites to their distributors. Here’s how self-replicating Web sites work. A company creates a site that provides information about its business opportunity, products, and services. These sites use the latest technology so they can include audio sound clips and video. The company then invites its distributors to buy a self-replication of the site for a monthly fee that could range from $20 to $50, depending on the content and the technology that the distributor wants to include on the site. They’re called self-replicating sites because the distributors can customize them to include their photographs and personal information, such as their phone number e-mail address, and ground mailing address. The distributors don’t need to reserve a separate Web domain because the sites piggyback on the company’s Web address. Market-savvy distributors use self-replicating sites for these reasons:

Reliability of the content: By providing the content for these Web sites, distributors are assured that the information they’re disseminating to the public is accurate and up-to-date. When it’s necessary or time to change the content of the pages, the company can do so automatically by updating the original site.

Unification: By using a self-replicating site distributors are all promoting the same message about their products and opportunity. No one needs to spend valuable time trying to gain a competitive edge over anyone else.

Consistency: Unlike the human distributor, the Web site always looks the same, sounds the same (if it includes audio), and delivers a perfect presentation every time except when there’s a technological snafu).

Revenue generation: If the sites are designed to accommodate e-commerce, they generate revenue without human intervention. Many of the sites accept applications from new distributors who can use their credit cards to pay the enrollment fees. Imagine waking up every morning and discovering that your Web site earned a few hundred dollars while you were sleeping! That scenario is not science fiction – it’s happening today in many network marketing organizations.