Make Money Online With Content Companies – Hidden Gems For Freelance Writers

While attending college I did a lot of things for extra money. Some of which can’t be mentioned here. I spent a lot of my time looking for legitimate ways to make money online, and freelance writing was something I took an immediate interest in. My major was communications, so I figured myself to be a decent writer. Not to mention, I actually enjoyed writing.

One of the ways to make money online by writing is to start approaching content companies. How do you find these companies? Well for starters, Google is your friend when it comes to job opportunities. However, finding some of the legitimate content companies amidst the scam wasteland can be a daunting task.

Associated Content is one of the many great content companies out there for freelance writers. I highly recommend their web site for any aspiring online writer that wants to make money online by writing articles. Associated Content will pay you upfront amount for exclusive rights to your informative articles. How much will they pay you? I usually get between $5 and $8 for every article that I submit to them.

You might think that amount is fairly low, but how long does it really take you to write 400 words or so about a topic you know. If you don’t know a topic that well, but still want to write about it; Google is your best friend in this case as well. Another great thing that I found out about Associated Content is their revenue-sharing platform. For every 1,000 people that view your article, they will instantly pay you $1.50! 

Only a measly $1.50 you say? Well if you have submitted 100 articles to Associated Content, these views will add up A LOT quicker than you think. If you can write some articles about popular topics, you will see just how powerful this revenue-sharing platform can be! The great thing about online content companies is that there are nearly twenty of them in operation today! If you can write, then they will write you a check!

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Content Writing – How to Choose the Best Company – Writer

Writing an Article/content:

Article writers of a specific field can write absolute articles on their field. Such writers know what they are writing very well and what they write is nothing but a bunch of experiences scrapped in as words.

Choosing the Company:

If you are a freelance writer, this obviously is one of the biggest troubles you may have to overcome as you get into article writing. Selecting the best company or the website which gives you good pay genuinely for writing articles is a major concern. If you are very serious about earning via writing articles, you shall take no chances with unknown companies. I would advise you to go to the company in person and look at the materials that they offer. Contacting their pervious clients will also help you a lot.

There is no matter in worrying after having written all the articles and you are not paid. To better choose a company, negotiate with the company executives. The negotiations will help you judge the amount of experience they have in this field and also they will give you proper training if you are Newbie. This will help you write at your best and according to the needs. Also, you will be genuinely paid for your work. After all, nobody does anything for free.

Choosing the Writers:

If you are a Webster or a company which outsources the article writing job, you are on the easier side. All you need to do is to select some good writers and believe me, there are a bunch. Choosing the best writers shall depend on the quality of the writers, the words they use, the field of writing etc. Generalized topic shall be outsourced to anyone but the company should be cautious while outsourcing technical contents. If the person is of the same field that the content is supposed to be from, the quality of the article is automatically improved. Also, plagiarism can be avoided. The company should be cautious about the people who copy from different sources. Writers, who do so, can be forfeiting the legal terms. Anyways, quality freelance writers won’t do any plagiarism.

Summing Up:

Articles and content writing are now making a revolution. Be it sharing knowledge or money based writing or writing out of interest, writing the articles are improving day by day. There are many websites which hosts these articles and gain profit. The article has briefed about choosing the company and writer such that they do not lead to any chaos. Part time article writers also keep a standard and so reliable as the company contracted writers.

How to Avoid the Content Struggle This Year in Internet Marketing

The struggle to have attractive, high-ranking and sales-generating content in 2014 is going strong. Companies and individuals are in a most serious competition, trying hard to be more visible and more convincing than their competitors. Online content simply cannot be neglected anymore.

To give yourself the chance to relax and mind of other business aspects, we will reveal the easy ways to avoid the content struggle – what do do and what not to do in order to ensure top-notch content.

Guest Blogging for Links – Yes or No?

The tactic that used to work now seems to backfire. Experts advise to let go of spamming through guest posts on blogs. It is this noxious practice that has the negative effects. Regular, common sense guest posting is still widely accepted. This is no attempt to discourage guest posting, but to draw attention to the spam-like requests to insert a promotional link along a post. The following connected practices are also not welcome: optimizing anchors, trying to rank for head terms, providing low-quality posts or writing content that is just not relevant to the blog it is posted on. As long as you avoid these, you can still attempt to improve SEO through guest blogging.

Links and Their Anchor Texts

An anchor is a word or several words that represent the keywords one wants to rank for. For example, if your company sells wooden furniture, you may be tempted to use “best wooden furniture” as anchor. However, this is called optimizing your anchor and it is not so good anymore. It is a healthier practice to just use the naked URL or your company name, as it’s the link itself that matters.

Content Quantity

More content is a good idea. This can mean adding many small pieces or provide your viewers with larger texts. These may be guides or extensive articles on topics of interest that are connected to your business. They must be totally informative and captivating. Adding big pieces of content has the potential to market your brand much more effectively.

Content Strategy for Long Term Development

Big businesses and not only have considered creating teams for Internet marketing. The members of a team focus each on a different aspect, from on-site work to content distribution and so on. Now, their efforts are best coordinated when there is a content director. If you can invest in one such professional to create the whole strategy and direct it, then you have ensured long term success.

Having great content that doesn’t get your site penalized and attracts viewers is achievable through these long term tactics and not through some tricks that would work overnight.

Freelance Content Writer – Choosing Over the Content Writing Team

Deciding the aspect of hiring a freelance content writer over the content writing firm or team is often very confusing. If you are planning to hire writers for yourself or your company, you have to be extra careful as the quality of your content will depend on the kind of online article writer you select. Both these freelance writers and professional writing firms have their pros and cons. You have to do the basic research and depending on your requirement and need, you have to take the ultimate decision of hiring either a freelance writer or a content writing firm.

Due to the presence of huge number English speaking people in India the availability of freelance article writer is in abundance. If you are looking for professional article writers who are proficient in English and are ready to deliver quality contents at an affordable price, then you can definitely choose a freelance writer over any professional article writing firm. In India, freelance online article writers are mostly preferred due to their high level of competency in English language as well as due to their low cost. On the other hand, the process of selecting an online writer is quite time consuming and awkward. If you plan to hire a article writer, you need to ask for samples and then compare those samples accordingly before selecting them.

Whereas, hiring a professional firm of content writers has its own advantage. Generally, a firm has a dedicated team of well trained online article writers. When you hire a firm for the purpose of development of your online content, you get well trained and experienced online writers who are also well accustomed with SEO copywriting techniques. However, a content writing firm will charge a lot more than any freelance content writer.

Thus if you decide to go for a freelance writer, you will have quality contents at a much cheaper price. The only thing that you need to do is to select the online article writer properly. Freelancers are more flexible and generally deliver their services in time. Though content writing firms provide quality services including blogs posting, reviews, article writing, SEO etc. but their charges are mostly exorbitant especially when compared to the charges of any online article writer.

Thus, if you are a little tight on your budget you can go for a freelance content writer. Otherwise, you can go for a professional article writing firm if your budget permits you. The choice is actually yours and you have to decide it depending on your requirements.