How to Win the Content Marketing Game: Strategies and Tips to Get Your Writing Noticed Online

How do you get your online content noticed and win the content marketing game? I write dozens of content marketing articles and website copy pages each week, and one site that I own ranks #4 for its search engine term on Google.

Today, I learned that one of my articles has been selected for the home page of HubPages, a content driven information site. So how do I get my content noticed? More importantly, how can YOU win the content marketing game?

  • Generate fresh, new ideas: When you’re relaxed and have a few minutes, sit down with a pen and a pad of paper and brainstorm ideas related to your brand or product. Let your imagination run wild. Don’t worry yet about search terms; just try to see your ideas from many different angles.
  • Use your favorite keyword search tool and look up related search terms: Download the top 50 keywords and relevant data. Pick your keywords from the longer list and narrow it down to a dozen or so. Make sure the terms make logical sense for your website and support the brand. If writing content for a revenue sharing website, check the site to see how many articles use similar content. Avoid writing articles that will compete with other submissions; it’s not only bad manners but it also reduces your chances of winning the content marketing game and getting plenty of traffic to your submission, the key to earning decent revenue on revenue-sharing sites.
  • Create a content map or web: I use a technique I call webbing. Like a spider sitting in the middle of a web, you draw a literal web on a piece of paper and use this as a creative way to spark ideas for content. Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a circle in the middle. Draw four lines to each corner. Now, take your main keyword and write it into the middle of the circle. From the four lines radiating out to the corners, create four titles using that keyword. Under each, list additional keywords. This is a great technique to use for blogging too, especially when you feel stuck for ideas and burned out. It helps visually map out what you want to say by creating a picture.
  • Write in a natural, conversational style. Don’t get stuck in the “Golly gee whiz, I’m writing” mode and reach for the thesaurus to find the most impressive words or write for your 10th grade English teacher. Write the way you speak, but write grammatically, please. If you don’t know what that means, do consider hiring an SEO content writer or a professional copywriter. Don’t shrug it off by saying “it doesn’t matter.” It does matter.
  • Don’t go crazy with the links. Many site owners make the mistake of padding content with dozens of links to other pages or content on their site. Choose your links sparingly.
  • Find a good image but don’t steal them. NEVER use any old image from the web – images are copyrighted. You can purchase images from numerous stock photography companies or take them yourself.

Consistency of effort is the secret key that unlocks the prize of top-rated content. Any effort you make to improve your skills, understand and knowledge helps. Consistent, focused effort will be rewarded over time with good search engine ranks and higher revenues from articles posted to revenue sharing sites.

A trickle of water seems like nothing, but over time, it wore away rocks and created the Grand Canyon. Think about it. Daily, focused effort is the ultimate winner for any marketing endeavor, including content marketing strategies.

Good Content Companies Can Provide Detailed Work

All those that have ever had an assignment, had to write up a report, or doing other types of writing know how important it is to have a strong skill set for writing quality work in a timely fashion. Though many who need thorough work done may not have had a lot of experience or have a lot of time in which to write specific articles or reports, there are services that are available to all those who would like to utilize them. One of the biggest aspects of writing that can set up, effectively advertise, or inform about a business or service is getting the right amount of details in the work.

Effective writers are able to find the right details to put into an article and write about them in an effective and thorough way while remaining focused on a topic. This is especially true for those who provide one or many types of a content writing service. Being able to serve in this way gives those with strong writing skills the chance to work for companies or others who may not have the strongest skill set when it comes to writing. Those who provide types of the content writing service are able to take any subject or topic that a company or individual assigns and fulfill all specifications to give a complete, polished, and persuasive article.

Content writing service can also help to increase the ability of consumers to find services or products that companies provide. It is true and very well known that the way to get the most attention is to provide something that is different and unique among all of the myriads of advertisements, marketing strategies, and other plans that companies must employ to continue growing. One of the best ways to stand out, in this instance, is to provide straightforward, honest, and detailed articles about the benefits of investing in services or products. Also, there are many different types of services that content writers can provide. Though all are based around writing articles and other content for companies, all can focus on different and specific aspects that show the greatest benefits or best sides of a company or service. In this way, information is available and gives enough detail for those looking for answers to continue searching in the same avenue they found the article. Utilizing these tools is one of many that can be easily and affordably added to any company’s arsenal of advertising techniques. Utilizing a content writing service may even open up possibilities that a company may have never thought of before.

How to Put the Content Back Into Content Writing

Just like any other job out there, the market will begin to get saturated with people who are bent on giving half the effort as another person would. This of course includes content development and copywriting. Despite the fact that both of these fields once weighed heavily upon education, long gone are those days with the revolution of the Internet. Now, anyone who can write or contact companies looking for content writing can telecommute to these positions.

But is that a good thing? Yes! It has been proven time and time again that a fresh perspective is rarely a bad thing. With these freelancers coming into the copywriting and content writing fields, we are now seeing new and quite entertaining ideas on how copywriting and content writing are done. While the old ways were respectable, it seems that with telecommuting, we are able to tap into the vein of creativity where it lives, even if it lacks a college-educated background.

As a freelance copywriter or content writer, you will find that you are now charged with putting the content back into content writing. Just like any other job, freelance or corporate, you will have to put your all into creating content that someone would want to sit down and actually read. If you’ve never been into content development before, you’re in for a learning curve!

One thing you will need to know is the difference between copywriting and content writing. While they are both very similar and you can implement skill sets from both of them, they are two very different methods of writing content. First, content writing is generally based out of fact or information. While it is written to be entertaining, its sole purpose is generally to educate its readers. On the other hand, copywriting is driven to promote or advertise a product or service. As a copywriter, this is an absolute necessity. While you can use some of your skills of writing as a copywriter, it is impossible to get away with simply educating your readers.

Now, with content writing, you can also choose to sell a product. Though, you may not want to be quite as pushy when it comes to getting the point of “buy me” across to the consumer who would be reading your content. You will want to find a good balance between information and advertising if you wish to add in that extra push for consumers to buy goods.

Just as with anything else, when you decide to become either a copywriter or a content writer, you will absolutely want to bring your “A” game. This will help to ensure that you have many more assignments whether as a freelancer or as a corporate writer. Without content, without traffic, without quality, all else is lost. So, focus on the quality of your content rather than the quantity as you will have to maintain your reader or customer base to make it anywhere in the field of content development and advertising on the Internet.

What to Expect in the Content Creation Process

There is a lot more to content creation than you think. That is why it is important to have a team of content experts behind you when you decide to start focusing on creating high value content. After all, content is how your company communicates, both internally and externally, and you want to make sure that the right points are being communicated in a professional manner.

In this piece, we are going to look at what it involved in content creation and also how you can benefit by outsourcing your content creation to a firm that specializes in content. By doing this, you will have the above-mentioned experts to help you define a strategy, as well as implement the latest content-related technology to make creating and managing your content much easier.

Planning and Strategizing

Content creation must involve a plan, or strategy, if you want the content to be successful. Work with specialists to draw up a strategy that will offer you a timeline of content production, how it will be delivered and managed and also what will happen afterwards. This can be done through meetings and workshops with your firm and the specialists, so that you can ensure that everything that you need to achieve with your content is covered. They can also keep you in the loop on what is going on in relation to content creation and best practices. You can imagine related goals for you business and the content experts will strategize on how to achieve them.

Content Management

Before you start on content creation, you need to have a content management system in place. This will ensure that the content is stored, organized, published and governed in a way that everybody agrees upon and in a way that simplifies content creation. Without management, creation and storage can be completely disorganized and your content quality will not be consistent. When drawing up a content strategy, it is always a good idea to draw up a management plan too, so that content creation can begin as soon as possible and be a smooth process.

Content Authoring

After drawing up a plan and figuring out how content management will be done, it is time to start with content authoring. It is often best to have your high value authoring done by a team of professional writers. You can work with them and tell them the main points that you want to see in the content and make as many edits as you like, but it is best to leave the professional writers to the writing to ensure clarity and good structure.

As you can see, outsourcing your content creation, management and strategy makes the whole process much easier and produces professional-grade results that will truly deliver your business message and streamline your processes. You have more time to focus on your area of expertise and the creation will be attended to by professional content creators!